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Unable to connect FTP - Incorrect Password or User Account is disabled in Windows
The domain's primary ftp user account is disabled in Windows or has an invalid password...

Resolution (Using Plesk Panel) :

Log into your Plesk Control Panel.
In Plesk 9 Domains > click on the [domain] that's having issue > click on Web Hosting Settings.
In Plesk 11 in the My Subscriptions > click on the [domain] > click on the Change Hosting Settings tab.
In Plesk 12 Websites & Domains > Click on Web Hosting Access.
Change the password (the same password can be used, if desired).
Select OK and test the FTP connection.

Alternate Resolution (Using Remote Desktop) : 

Log into your server with Remote Desktop.
Click on Start > Administrative Tools > Computer Manager. 
Click on Local Users and Groups.
Click on Users.
Select the user account with the problem > Right click on it and select Properties.
Un-check Account Disabled.
Click OK and test the FTP connection. 

Note : The same steps are applicable for Windows Plesk.

Let us know your thoughts on this.  Smile

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